Fault Passage Indicator

General Description

Fault Passage Indicators are devices which are triggered by the magnetic field of a current conductor in the event of a short-circuit resulting in a tripping of Fault Passage Indicator. 
Fault Passage Indicators are mainly used for more efficient and quicker fault location in medium-voltage distribution networks. Bright LEDs are tripped upon reaching or exceeding the rated trip current of the Fault Passage Indicator. Fault Passage Indicators have Short Circuit sensors and earth fault sensors.
Fault Passage Indicators can be used either in radial or open ring operated networks. 
Fault Passage Indicators also provides contacts for remote communication. Fault Passage Indicator provides separate contacts for short circuit and earth faults which can be used for SCADA.

The fault is located between the last tripped indicator and the first non-tripped indicator (refer to the circuit diagram below).



Salient Features

  • Suitable for Radial and Open Ring Networks
  • Site Configurable Trip Current Setting
  • Site Configurable Trip Delays
  • Bright Red LEDs for Longer visibility
  • Remote Indication suitable for SCADA
  • Remote Test/Reset Facility
  • Self Powered by Li Battery
  • Type Tested as per IEEE 495-2007
  • Sensor Protection Type IP65- Water Proof
  • Indicator Unit protection Type IP65
  • Suitable for Outdoor Application
  • FPI Health Monitoring & Health Indication on SCADA
  • FPI Reset on recovering System Voltage or Current
  • Fit & Forget Model – FPI with rechargeable Battery




Rated Voltage

11kV /22kV /33kV

Operating Frequency

50Hz/ 60Hz

Short Circuit Trip Current (Site Configurable)


Earth Fault Trip Current (Site Configurable)


Indication Unit

Each Phase

Earth fault

Low Battery


Manual Resetting Methods

1) By Pressing Button on Indication Unit 2) By Swiping Magnet

Auto Resetting Options                                           1) Self Reset By Time 

               1/2/4/8 Hr (Site Configurable)  *1

2) Command From SCADA 3) On Recovery of Current

4) On recovery of System Voltage

              (Continuous Supply can be provided)

Tripping Delays

(Site Configurable)

  1. 2 Cycles (40mSec)
  2. 10 Cycles (200mSec)
  3. 17 Cycles (340mSec)
  4. 25 Cycles (500mSec)

            (Site Configurable) *1

Internal Power Supply Options                           1) Li Battery (Non-Rechargeable)                             

Available with Power Saving Mode 2) Rechargeable Battery

External Power Supply

Auxiliary 24VDC

Health Monitoring System

SCADA Communicable

Contacts For SCADA

  1. One For Earth Fault
  2. One For Phase Fault
  3. One for Health Monitoring

Sensors (CT) 

Removable for Earth as well as Short Circuit Sensor

With Screened Wire 

(Length can be changed as per Customer Requirement)

Protection Class


Type Testing

IEEE 495-2007

Dimension: Indication Unit

115 mm x 63mm x 70 mm (WxHxD)

Operating Temperature

-20?C to +70 ?C

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