Company Profile

The muP Electronics & muC Embedded Controls , as the name indicates, is a firm engaged in the design, Development & Manufacturing as OEM of the micro controller based & other Equipment’s, & wiring harnesses.

We are in the same line of the activity for last 20-21 years serving from Multi nationals to medium scale to small proprietary organizations. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified co.


Engaged in the design, development of the micro processor & micro controller based systems for last about 27 years. Developing from the era of micro processors. Adapting to new developments in the field of electronics, we are pioneer in use of some of the latest developments.


We are Designing, Developing, Manufacturing & Servicing many micro Controller based product in the industrial sector. We are first to have small SMD Soldering set up in Nashik. There by, we have capability to mass manufacture products on good scale using automated set up to get high reliability out put.